iOS May Get an Overhauled Notification System Soon

Cult of Mac reports that they have received a tip that an overhauled notification system is in iOS’s future. The tip reportedly mentions how Apple is preparing to buy an app development company to assist with the improved notification system. Cult of Mac’s tipster was unsure about which company that would be, though.

Rich Dellinger, who worked on the excellent notification system used in webOS and was previously the chief architect of Palm, returned to Apple in June of 2010. There were rumors then that he would improve Apple’s dull and obtrusive notification system, but a new system has yet to be publicly unveiled. Due to Dellinger’s previous work there is a possibility of iOS having notifications similar to that of webOS’s system, so I created a mock-up of the current iPhone home screen with webOS’s implentation of notifications. It looks simple and clean, giving you all the controls and information you could want at a glance.

According to Cult of Mac, App Remix is a possibility for being the aforementioned company. App Remix’s Boxcar is a popular free app with versions available for both the iPhone and iPad that allows users to get push notifications for Twitter, Facebook, and email. App Remix could help make iOS’s notifications more robust for sure.

There is always the contingency that Apple may have brought in one of the many developers who work on adding elements to the iPhone with add-ons and apps available for jailbroken devices. The developers of jailbreak add-ons StatusNotifier, Growl for iPhone, Notification Tray, and LockInfo are all viable; they have done some great work and have come a long way in improving the iOS notification system.

If there is an overhauled notifications system set to release soon, it would likely launch with the 5.0 release of iOS. There have not been any changes to iOS’s notifications since the addition of push notifications in version 3.0 and competitors have superior systems, so this rumor has a good chance of being true. What would you expect a new notifications system to be like?

[via Cult of Mac]