iOS 6 Confirmed by WWDC 2012 Banner

Zac Altman, a user of Instagram, posted a photo on Friday depicting a new WWDC 2012 banner hung outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco – this banner confirms the existence of the previously rumored iOS 6 and also that Apple will in fact unveil “the future of iOS” this Monday at its annual WWDC keynote.

iOS 6 is widely expected to be the main focus of the keynote address this Monday the 11th, however, Apple has simply stated that it will discuss “the future of iOS” at the highly anticipated event. The banner that Zac captured also displayed a silver color scheme, confirming speculation that Apple will be changing the color scheme used in its factory applications from the previous blue to a new, arguably flashy silver. The silver scheme has already shown up in many iPad applications as well as the iPhoto app and the official WWDC 2012 app.

Yesterday’s discovery shows that Apple will continue to market its operating system using a number while its products have since ditched the system if anything is indicated by the new iPad’s name.

Apple is also expected to unveil multiple new Macs at the event. Stay tuned for coverage following the keynote.