iOS 6.1 Reviews Users’ Ability to Report Map Issues to Apple

Following the Apple Maps fiasco, the newly-released iOS 6.1 reviews user problems submitted via a new option in the Maps app; likely to counteract the issues showing up embarrassingly on the Internet instead. This comes at a time when Apple Maps still cannot be relied on for consistently-accurate directions and map placements.

When a ludicrous error is noticed in the Maps app (hopefully before it’s too late and the driver is veered off-course hectically searching for a destination), users can now report the issue to Apple through a pronounced “Report a Problem” button. Tapping/swiping the bottom right corner of the screen while browsing maps reveals the oversized button, which has now been given more room than any other feature in the Maps app.

Previously, it was possible to report issues via a tiny “Report a Problem” text link – a much less noticeable feature that many overlooked even when they had spotted usage-breaking errors.

Apple Maps has received much criticism in the past for displaying churches to be (horrid) restaurants, crushing landmarks into unrecognizable blurs, and sending people on inaccessible roads. While much of the issues have been remedied, Apple recognizes how crucial it is to continue improving the rest of the Maps app.

Although we would still gamble that more blunders such as the Statue of Liberty tablet inconsistencies (okay, downright mutilation of the iconic statue by Apple) will result in comedic posts across the web no matter how much map data iOS 6.1 reviews, painstakingly so we would imagine.