Instinctiv Shuffle Teaches Your iPhone What You Want To Listen To

Chances are your iPhone’s song shuffle will eventually play something you’re not in the mood to listen to, especially if you’re like me and have particularly diverse taste in music. Well, the days of skipping song after song are over. Instinctiv has announced their new Instinctiv Shuffle for iPhone and iPod touch, so it plays songs you’re in the mood for more often.

To use the app, you just download and install it, open it up, and hit the “On” switch. That’s it. From there, you just listen to the iPod in Shuffle mode and skip the songs you don’t feel like listening to. Instinctiv Shuffle then learns what you want to listen to and when you want to hear it, and does it’s best to guess what you want to listen to next based on your previous decisions.

Instinctiv Shuffle is a free download. Installation instructions are available at their website,

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