Inductive (Wireless) Charging Dock Patented by Apple

If Apple’s recently-filed patent has its way, then we may be going completely wireless in the near future.  The filing depicts a dock that is adorned with inductive charging circuits which only requires a device to be placed inside of the docking station for it to begin charging. In turn, eliminating the need for grabbing a cable while makes charging possible even when returning home after a drunken texting spree. (Disclaimer: iPhone Alley does not condone drinking and texting, however we do condone better-than-modern-sitcom humor…)

Since the charging circuits can weaken a cellular signal, Apple has found a solution by building re-radiating antennas into the dock. With the addition of a signal-boosting layer, users may in fact notice better reception and data speeds when a device is docked.

Allowing any devices sporting a conductive surface that fit inside its contours, the dock could be universal for a variety of phones and tablets.

Wireless charging would complete Apple’s cord-cutting trifecta, as the company has already pushed into ridding iOS devices of wires with iCloud backups and wireless iTunes syncing.

Apple has titled the patent “Antenna insert.” For the patented dock to come into fruition this year, the next-generation iPhone would of course need to be covered in a conductive charging surface. Although, that would require the surface to be completely transparent to the rest of design to meet Apple’s design standards. Your move, Jony Ive and team.

Devices currently require a physical connection to either a docking station, cable, or other device for battery charging and data transfer. The connectors used to make this connection can be awkward to use and require a user to properly align the handheld device to the connector.

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