iModem Now Lets You Tether Over USB Cable

Tethering your iPhone for internet use can be a real life-saver when there’s no Wi-Fi around, but for those who aren’t the most tech-savy, the tinkering with proxy settings and the like can be a little too complicated. Thankfully those times may be coming to a close. Unofficial tethering app iModem has just released an update that lets you tether your iPhone via USB cable.

Previous to this, tethering apps used the iPhone’s Wi-Fi capabilities to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot that was connected to the cellular data network. The new iModem is the first tethering app to change this. Instead of messing with settings, you can just connect your iPhone to your laptop through USB cable to share internet.

The new iModem requires Windows 2000, XP, or Vista 32/64 bit installed on the laptop, and is priced at US$10.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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