iFuntastic v2.5.0 Released: Now includes full file browser

It’s about that time again, iFuntastic time, that is. There have been many requests for the next version and this one delivers some, with a twist. Aside from it’s Intel-Mac only compatibility, iFuntastic v2.5.0 adds one of the neatest features yet: A full file browser. Not only does it simply browse the iPhone’s internal file system, it also adds the ability to edit UI images on the fly from within the app. This can be extremely useful for those looking to customize their iPhone, and it’s super easy to boot. Images, other changes, and download link after the break!

Download iFuntastic v2.5.0 here and enjoy some sweet iFun! Only works on Intel-Chip Based Mac’s, but PPC support will be in next version (that means any day now!)

Changes since Version 2.1.0 b001

* clarified the carrier logo naming
* fixed a bug where m4p ringtones could not be added with the ‘Add to List’ dialog

Now to the fun stuff!
Thanks to the busy people from the iPhone Dev Team!
I’m using their iPHUC (something has to be done about that name :-)
to get files off the phone – this makes things *very* exciting.
It’s also the first step towards a PPC version – just a bit more patience, please.

Check out the ‘Browser’ page:
You can edit and replace any graphic on the phone!
You can replace any system sound!
You can color your SMS balloons!

It still needs some polishing and simplification, but if you want to get a glimpse of the possibilities,
install ‘iFuntasy 01′ and see if you can find all the subtle (and not so subtle) changes to your phone!

EDIT: In case you haven’t noticed, the comment string has gotten pretty hefty. I’ve decided to close it, but you can still post your comments and questions in the “Third Party Apps” forum. If you want to request a feature, we’ve already got a thread going, here. Enjoy!

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