iFund Gets A Blog

It was long suspected that the iPhone’s App Store would become a game changing platform that would be profitable for those who managed to hop on board with it’s success, something investment firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers did when they created their $100 million dollar iFund fund for investment specifically in that industry. Today, in an attempt to “share (and hear) perspectives around the iPhone and emerging open mobile ecosystem”, they have launched their own blog.

Called iFundVC, Mat Murphy writes about how excited KP is to be a part of the iPhone development boom. So far they have funded five companies: Pelago (creators of ), iControl, NG:Moco, GOGII, and an unannounced one launching in Q1.

Matt also goes into great detail on other trends, such as the relatively high number of iPhone app downloads compared to apps for other phones.

Next time they say they’ll be talking about mobile monetization and the different ways money can be made with free versus paid apps.

[via iFundVC]

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