iFixit Becomes One of First to Teardown the iPhone 5

Given the timezone difference, the iPhone 5 has already gone on sale in Australia. In a race to be one of the first websites worldwide to give Apple’s newest addition to its ever-expanding iPhone lineup, the iPhone 5, the teardown treatment, the tech-dissection experts over at iFixit has sent one of its many technicians to an Aussie Apple Store to get his hands on the brand new device.

While the general public is naturally excited to get their hands on the new iPhone 5 tomorrow, iFixit iis jumping to tear the device apart – a process the site has grown to be known for. The process is well underway, as you can see in the images embedded below, and the iPhone 5 is already receiving iFixit’s signature teardown treatment.

iFixit co-founder Luke Soules trekked halfway around the world to Melbourne, Australia to be one of the first to receive the iPhone 5. Then, he flew like the wind back to MacFixit Australia’s office and started taking apart our unit. The process is now well underway.

While the site has yet to publish its full expedition into the components of the iPhone 5, it has already begun taking the phone apart. The iPhone 5 continues to use the special 5-point pentalobe screw that Apple debuted first with the iPhone 4 two years ago. This type of screw remains to require a special screwdriver to be loosened or tightened.

Although Apple has given us a brief overview of what iPhone 5 brings to the table, iFixit will provide an extensive roundup of new, notable components. We’ll be sure to share the link to the full teardown once one becomes available. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter (@iPhoneAlley) and check out the following pictures of the teardown.

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[Via iFixit]