Id’s John Carmack Says Apple Looks Down On Games

In an interview with gaming website Kotaku, Brian Crecente sat down with Id software founder John Carmack to talk about his relationship and dealings with Apple, Inc. Carmack describes his long-standing relationship with the company as a “rollercoaster ride,” citing how it can quickly go from good to bad.

“I’ll be invited up on stage for a keynote one month and then I’ll say something they don’t like and I can be blacklisted for six months,” he said.

He also said how glad he was that Graeme Devine, a former collaborator and Id Software employee, is now working at Apple in the iPhone Game Technologies devision. Graeme worked at Id from 1999 to 2003, participating in the creation of projects including Quake III, Doom 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. He joined Apple earlier this year.

“Graeme Devine is in a significant position as a game developer at Apple,” Carmack said. “I have a real man on the inside now. We knew each other from way back in the day. “He’s a real developer and I understand everything he is saying.”

Nonetheless, his dealings with Apple have remained turbulent. Why? Carmack believes it’s because the people at the upper levels of Apple, which in turn means the company as a whole, tend to look down on games.

“At the highest level of Apple, in their heart of hearts,” Carmack said, “they’re not proud of the iPhone being a game machine, they wish it was something else.”

[via Kotaku]

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