iDracula is a sweat-inducing shooter from More Games Entertainment and Chillingo. You play a vampire hunter while taking out hundreds of monsters and the occasional bloodsucker. Being outnumbered is a serious understatement. The difficulty level here is somewhere in between intense and brutal. If surviving endless waves of monsters until you inevitably die sounds like good times, iDracula is definitely the game for you!
The main focus of iDracula is one thing and one thing only: killing hordes of monsters with some serious firepower. There are 3 different locations to slay monsters including zombies, demon dogs, mummies, ghosts, evil worms, and of course, vampires. You start out with just a pistol but end up gaining multiple weapons ranging from shotguns to flamethrowers. Your left thumb controls the direction you move, while the right thumb controls the directions your shoot. You can easily switch between weapons on the bottom of the screen. This is something you will want to do often so you don’t run out of ammo. The game is intense from the get-go and the monsters definitely have the advantage.

The graphics for iDracula are excellent and the monsters  look seriously evil, which definitely adds to the intensity. The action is surprisingly smooth, considering the massive amount of monsters that constantly fill the screen. In addition to the great graphics, the music goes really well with the action. It’s all very fitting heavy metal, but it does get old after a few games. If you’re not into that particular genre of music, you definitely might want to wait and see if iPod support will be added in a later update.
There’s 4 modes to kill the evil hordes: Survival, Super Survival, Wave Attack, and Rush. In Survival, enemies will randomly drop bonuses like new weapons, extra ammo, and health. After killing enough enemies you’ll unlock perks, each one giving you a choice between more dropped bonuses, faster reloading, and even regenerating health. The Wave Attack mode replaces the dropped bonuses with gold.  After each wave, gold can be spent on weapons, ammo, and health. Rush mode is an endless barrage of enemies. Surviving beyond 1 minute is practically impossible. After slaying a few dozen monsters on any game mode, a vampire will show up (I assume that he’s Dracula, but the game has no background story). Vampires have to be killed with the crossbow, and each one drops an omen, which will increase your hunter rank. You can upgrade your hunting rank by collecting omens, but higher ranks don’t do anything for you. You can try to outdo your own highscore, but beyond that, the game is over pretty quick.  
A few solid updates would definitely motivate me to play iDracula more often. I’d like to see a game mode where sessions last longer than 5 minutes, and some point to collecting omens would be a huge change. An iPhone support option would of course be nice, but with the game being so short, you’d only hear about half a song! An online ranking system would also be great to include for an update. Ultimately, iDracula is a lot of intense fun for the few short minutes that it lasts, but the limited replay value is hard to overlook. 

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