IBM Launches Lotus iNotes Email Web Client For iPhone

One of the most requested features from business users is Lotus Notes support on the iPhone, so it was pretty exciting when ” target=”_blank”>it was announced that they were working on a solution. Now, after a long delay, they’re launching IBM Lotus iNotes ‘Ultralite’, a Lotus Domino email client in the form of a web application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Access to the web app is tied to their Lotus iNotes software that comes bundled with Lotus Domino Web Access 8.0.2. The web client gives access to Lotus email, contacts, and calendars from the iPhone. Browsing the email, a user can expand and collapse details and view attachments. The contacts functionality lets a user browse through their contacts, create new listings, and view details on groups and individuals. The calendar supports events, reminders, anniversaries, and options for detailed notes the day-at-a-glance view.

They posted some screenshots last month. Here’s another look:

While this is a pretty big step for many businesses and business users since many of them rely on Lotus Notes instead of the Microsoft equivalent that was previously available, many of them will undoubtedly be a little disappointed with the lack of a native client.

[via Macworld UK]

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