iBank Mobile is a personal financial assistant that tracks your transactions and graphically shows month-to-month changes, as well as gauges of each set of transactions you partake in. This application can even be synchronized with the desktop application of iBank, making it even simpler to update your balances and input transactions.

The application starts off asking whether you would like to use it as a standalone product, or if you would like to synchronize it with the desktop application. You will always have the option to synchronize it later, so don’t worry if you pretty the wrong button. The application allows you to set up as many accounts as you would like, and create different categories in order to clarify where certain charges or deposits were from.

The input of transactions is eloquently simple. There are buttons for ‘charge’, ‘deposit’, ‘withdrawal’, ‘pos’, et cetera, and can be seen in the screen-shots. There is an easy to use number pad, and once you are finished tapping in the amount and type, it brings you to the main Transactions page which asks you to clarify where this transaction came from.

As said earlier, users have the ability to create categories to describe transactions, as well as adjust the date, account and add memos.

iBank Mobile allows you to graphically view your accounts’ balances, as well as a categorical breakdown and a history of each transaction.

This full-fledged approach to what I’ll quickly call ‘your digital checkbook’ gives a quick and crisp view of your accounts and makes keeping track of your accounts a breeze. iBank Mobile is highly recommended to anyone looking for a mobile banking platform, and certainly gets the iPhone Alley stamp of approval.

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