Hulu On iPad To Be Paid Subscription Service?

Last week, when news broke that Hulu was considering some  way to bring their streaming video service for watching free TV on the internet to the iPad despite most of their website being built on Flash, a lot of people got excited. Now some are saying that the owners of Hulu definitely want to take Hulu to the iPad, but it will most likely be in the form of a paid subscription service, according to alleged “sources familiar with the company.”

Hulu has expressed in the past their desire to bring paid content as part of their service, but apparently they haven’t thought of an excuse to implement it yet. Not until now, according to the sources, who are allegedly in the know about what the network heads who own Hulu are up to.

The stupidness is stemming from the networks’ desire to draw a line between their classification of a computer and a “mobile device”, with the intention to charge users on said mobile devices for the privilege to stream the content to devices capable of a 3G connection. There’s only one problem with that, aside from the fact that it doesn’t make any sense other than “an opportunity to charge for something it has been giving away for free on the Web,” as MediaMemo puts it (read: greediness); there will be a non-3G version of the iPad. You would think that would at least have some sort of impact on their already seemingly illogical thought process, but if MediaMemo’s sources are legit, Hulu might be planning to undermine the innovative new business model they were praised for.

[via MediaMemo]

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