HP Discontinues Its iOS Competitors, Drops TouchPad to $99

It is a sad weekend for HP and Palm, as HP has decided to discontinue both the TouchPad as well as webOS phones, including the coveted Pre, effective immediately.

Poor sales lead to the too-soon death of devices that showed a strong amount of potential. Unfortunately for webOS, the iPad was just too enticing in the marketplace. Even Android won more buyers over with its cheap prices and significantly larger app selection, making webOS’s strengths less apparent.

In terms of interface design, webOS has Android beat with slicker multi-tasking and more polished features, but both pale in comparison to where both draw inspiration from, none other than iOS. In my opinion webOS should have went on to take the second spot in the smartphone operating system race, but this a case of too little, too late.

If you are in the mood for a little post-party mourning, then be sure to pick up a TouchPad. After launching just months ago, HP has dropped the price of the 16GB model to $99, while 32GB will run you an additional $50. That is, if you manage to find the hundreds of thousands that had previously been sitting on shelves and in warehouses. Just don’t expect software updates or new apps to play with, but you cannot beat the value nonetheless. Even early adopters are getting compensated for the difference after the price cut of 80% (if you count the original $500 starting price, it was very recently dropped to $400 prior to the “going out of business” sale).

R.I.P. TouchPad and Pre, you will be missed. However, the Palm-designed webOS is confirmed to live on, it is just unclear in what reality on which systems/device. HP/Palm may license webOS to other hardware manufacturers, effectively giving the mobile OS that could a future.

[partially via Business Wire]