How to (Not) Get Hidden iPad Facebook Application

If you’re not currently jailbroken or have no plans of ever doing so, there’s no point of reading the following unless the purpose is to simply just peak your curiosity. If it’s the total opposite, meaning your iPad is already jailbroken or you’re ready to do so at any moment within the next five minutes, please continue on.

Facebook’s iPad application is long overdue and is still not available for iPad users despite it being over a year since the original’s iPad launch. Thankfully, the application is currently in the works based off of some deep digging on TechCrunch’s part. The new iPad, beta application (could) can be downloaded using the following steps, made public by TNW:

It may be in your best interest to read the whole article before doing the following.
1.Ensure you’ve got the latest update of Facebook’s iPhone app on your iPad
2. Back up your iPad on your computer
3. Jailbreak your iPad at your own risk. Various tutorials can be found for doing so.
4. In Cydia, search for the iFile app and install it. (I thought iFile was a paid Cydia application now)
5. Open iFile and navigate to var > mobile > applications > directory.
6. Open the iFile settings using the cog wheel icon at the bottom of the screen and switch ‘Application Names’ to ‘on’. This will allow you to see which folders relate to which apps.
7. Find the Facebook folder and open it. Inside that, open
8. Find the ‘Info.plist’ file and tap on it. Choose ‘Property List Viewer’.
9. Find the ‘UIDeviceFamily’ option and select it.
10. Change the value here from ’1′ to ’2′ and tap ‘Done’.
11. Reboot your iPad and then open the Facebook app.

Well, sorry to put you through the aforementioned steps only to find out that you won’t be able to access the new iPad application, despite going through the long process. It seems that Facebook has managed to stop users from doing so. According to TechCrunch, newcomers are being turned away at the login screen while other users, who have previously exploited the beta before Facebook’s knowing, are still being able to use the application without flaw (apart from the bugginess).

So, again, if you’re not jailbroken, you probably don’t want to go through the trouble of the jailbreaking and installing an application through Cydia just to be turned down. As a disclaimer: the above does not work! There, now anyone who does the above can’t hold me accountable for their anger. Ok?

[Via TechCrunch and TNW]