Home-Automation Remote Apps Make Strong Showing At CEDIA 2008

CEDIA Expo 2008 is underway and home automation remote apps for the iPhone made a strong appearance at the event. Apps from Crestron, Lifeware, Z-Wave and Control4 were all present, and Gizmodo was there to get a hands-on look at all of them to see which takes the cake.

According to their observations, the app by Crestron is the farthest along and offers the most features, like the ability to control multiple rooms in multiple houses via Wi-Fi or AT&T data, all as a free download and add-on. The Z-Wave system is probably the most affordable hardware system to own, but costs $10/month for the app service. At the bottom of the totem pole was Control4′s app, which limits functionality to the same local network your system is on.

[via Gizmodo]

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