HISTORY Releases ‘The Civil War Today’ App For the iPad

The cable network History released an app for history buffs that transports iPad owners back to the Civil War.

The Civil War Today marks the 150th anniversary of one of the most important events in U.S. history with games, photos, and daily reports about the war. The updates start with the April 12, 1861 attack on Fort Sumter and continue for four years mirroring the events of 150 years ago as if it were happening today. App owners can further follow the carnage in real-time with diary entries, newspaper clips, and running tallies of the North and South casualty counts.

“This is an extraordinary app that lets users touch and feel history in a way never before possible,” said Dan Suratt, EVP, Digital Media and Business Development, A&E Television Networks. “Experiencing the American Civil War in a serialized, ‘real-time’ manner, with direct access to original historical documents, provides a new and very powerful way to understand one of our country’s landmark events.”

Utilizing the iPad multi-touch interface users not only have unprecedented access to thousands of documents and maps, the app also allows owners to decipher Morse code and send telegrams via Twitter. When paired with an Apple iPad 2 the app can be streamed to an HDTV or HD projector, allowing for interactive Civil War demonstrations. Perfect for teachers or Civil War clubs.

The Civil War Today has been named the the iPad App of the Week and is available for  $7.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Written by Alex Gardner