Heads-Up: Get a New Wi-Fi iPad for $300, 3G AT&T iPad for $429

Was the iPad’s cost just a little out of your reach in the past? Well, here is your first and possibly only shot at getting a brand new first-generation Wi-Fi iPad from a Verizon retail store for up to 40% off the lowest price you would have found it just a few weeks ago and a 3G iPad from AT&T for up to $300 off. Yup, Verizon is offering the Wi-Fi iPad without any 3G connectivity. Before iPad 2, Verizon had a deal in place to sell the Wi-Fi iPad along with a MiFi 3G hotspot. Nonetheless, you can get the Wi-Fi iPad without a MiFi or with a MiFi if preferred for an additional cost. (Though I personally would not recommend getting a MiFi if you want 3G service, there are many superior choices if you are itching for 3G, including purchasing a discounted AT&T 3G iPad.)

Verizon retail stores are discounting the price of the iPad by $200 off across the board. A $300 16GB iPad, a $400 32GB iPad, and a $500 64GB iPad are yours to try to find at a Verizon store. Of course, your ability to find a heavily-discounted iPad will be based on the stock at your local store which likely will never be replenished. So call around, even a drive to a store that is not nearby may be worthwhile if you can manage to find an iPad for such a steep discount.

If you are on the 3G-desiring side of the spectrum, then you are also in luck. AT&T is offering the GSM 3G iPad at a $200-$300 discount, starting at $429 for a 16GB iPad and capping at $529 for a 64GB model.

These prices will not last, and make the iPad the best value in the tablet market by far. Are you ready to jump onto the iPad bandwagon if you haven’t already with prices like these?

Written by Michael DeLisi