Head of iPhone 4 Development Fired, iPhone 5 a Group Effort

While iPhone 4 may have been the biggest stride since the first generation of the notorious phone, it may have arrived at a time when Apple was too busy to focus its attention on such a significant device. Rather than strictly having current Apple employees lead development, an outside source was reportedly hired.

In order to get the iPhone 3GS’s successor out on the same consistent timeframe previous models have been released during, an unidentified outside source was hired to ensure the phone was carefully but quickly put through development stages. With the iPad being developed and finalized at around the same time, more resources and attention were placed on the brand new tablet device rather than the latest-and-greatest in the iPhone lineup. Even Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs was more enamored of the iPad at that point.

Once iPhone 4 did launch, customers were quickly to notice obvious quality issues. Namely, with the antenna. That is an old story everyone should already know, but to recap: gripping the device in the left corner of its steel band causes signal loss. This was arguably blown out of proportion but nonetheless was a pile of bad PR.

Suffice to say, that individual has been fired. For iPhone 5, development is being kept within the family. This time around, there is not a single person in charge but rather everybody working on it shares the responsibility of pulling it through development. When we finally do get to see iPhone 5′s announcement in a matter of weeks, over half a dozen people will introduce it at the keynote event.

If this is why iPhone 5 is taking its time to make it to market, then we won’t blame the group as long as it is a big, worthy revision.