Happy Birthday, iPhone!

Four years ago today Apple released the first iPhone. Happy Birthday, iPhone! Only 4 years? It seems like we’ve had the iPhone for sooo much longer. It’s amazing how the world can change in only 4 short years.

Once the iPhone release was announced, predictions ranged from revolutionary to no big deal. No one could have predicted what the iPhone would be or do for society. The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most influential technology products in history.

Many consumers balked at the high price tag for the original iPhone, yet those who gladly handed over the cash were not disappointed. As new models were released, more and more customers jumped on the wagon. The iPhone has changed the mobile industry in more ways that one can count.

The iPhone also changed Apple as a whole. Apple was definitely no slouch with their success from products such as the iPod, iMac and iTunes, but the iPhone propelled the company into more homes than ever before. In the past four years Apple’s stock has tripled, add in the annual revenues and Apple beats out Microsoft easily.

How many of you purchased the original iPhone?

And, where is the cake, Apple? I must say, I’m slightly disappointed.