Hands-On Impressions of ‘The New iPad’ Posted Online

‘The New iPad’ was announced earlier today, and several impressions have already began to pour in from various tech sites. Check out a few to see how people are gelling to the new features. Maybe it’ll aid in deciding whether to pre-order your own device or not.

Among the features that were announced today, the most prominent are undoubtedly the device’s new processor and quad-core graphics chip, its retina display that doubles up against in comparison to its predecessor, the new 5MP camera, and the 1080p HD video recording – the pricing models haven’t been altered in any way. While most iPad 2 cases may or may not fit the new device depending on their design, because of the size difference, the change is seemingly unnoticeable. Check out the following excerpts from impressions.

Via Slashgear:

“Should you opt for the new iPad rather than the discounted $399 iPad 2? From our brief experience with the new Retina Display, it’s hard to imagine going back to less pixel-dense panels. When third-party developers jump on board and begin crafting Retina Display-compatible titles, the iPad 2 may start looking like a poor choice for anyone but those on the strictest of budgets. Make no mistake, the new iPad has reset the bar for the tablet segment, leaving Android and Windows 8 OEMs playing catch-up once again.”

Via CNet:

“The iPad’s new screen is a stunner. That’s really all you need to know about the new iPad (yes, that’s the name). That, and a reminder that pricing still starts at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, with 4G starting at $629.

For its third act, Apple has pushed tablet screen expectations to a ludicrous new height.”

Via The Verge:

“We’ve just had our first in-person experience with Apple’s latest and greatest slate… and it feels good. It goes without saying that the screen on the device is absolutely stunning — while we haven’t had a chance to look through every possible app on the new iPad, the retooled stock applications and icons really do pop on the Retina Display. Just as when we first saw the iPhone 4 display, the New iPad’s 2048 x 1536 screen is stunning to behold. Simply put, there’s no other product like it on the market.”

Via PCMag:

“At the same price as the previous iPad, the new iPad is an obvious buy. Get this one, not the cheaper iPad 2, because the Retina screen improves every aspect of the iPad experience. Most iPad users surf the Web heavily, for instance: the new screen makes Web pages sharper and easier to read. And with no battery penalty, the new iPad’s faster modems will give a much smoother Internet experience.”

Most hands-on impressions have focused mainly on the retina display of the new iPad, which is a major push when you stack it up against other competitive (I say this lightly) tablets and all have agreed unanimously that the display is a game-changer.