Hacker Sends Warning To iPhoneUnlockUK Customers

Customers of the controversial unlocking service iPhoneUnlockUK.com received unexpected emails earlier today informing them that the company was guilty of using unlicensed software and that their personal details, including numerous email and physical addresses had been compromised. The hackers were discovered to have broken in to iPhoneUnlockUK’s web servers back in February, where they gained access to the personal information of several users who had illegally unlocked their iPhones.

The hacker, who emphasized that the iPhone Dev Team was not involved, said in the emails that the software iPhoneUnlockUK was selling to customers online had been stolen, suggesting the customers demand a refund from the fraudulent company.

The only known security breach of iPhoneUnlockUK happened back in February, when hackers were found to have copied the personal information of their customers and defaced their website. Since then they switched web hosts (from Fasthosts to Rackspace) and claim to have not suffered any further attacks. It would seem that the same party that attacked the site in February is attempting to get their revenge on the company for stealing the exploit by contacting their users directly.

No financial details of the customers are believed to have been compromised, as credit card transactions were handled by a third party company. Still, the hackers now have access to the email addresses of every user that signed up before February, which gives them access to the users’ non-passworded accounts.

[via The Register]


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