Gunman: Augmented Reality Meets First Person Shooter

A new game has hit the App Store that combines the thrill of a first person shooter with the immersive quality of augmented reality. Called Gunman [App Store, $0.99], the game is possibly one of the most exciting iPhone games to date. The crazy thing about it is that unlike most first person shooters today that are centered around a fictional setting and cast of somewhat-plausable characters and events, Gunman is set in your world. The main character is you, and your nemesis is a real person. Video after the break.

Think Layar meets Laser-Tag, but instead of laser guns, you shoot by lining up your target with on-screen crosshairs and tapping the screen. It knows when you hit your opponent based on the color of their shirt, which both players identify at the start of the game. Players take aim at each other and try to score the most hits, shaking to reload. At the end of the game, the shots are rounded tallied and the one who did the most killing and the least getting killed wins. It even lets you save your favorite shots to your camera roll.
It’s available this week only for just $0.99, so get it while it’s hot.

[via MobileWhack]

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