Griffin + Threadless iPhone Case

Need a new iPhone case?  Tired of just basic colors or bumper cases?  Check out the cases from Griffin and Threadless.

For those of you who don’t know what Threadless is, it’s user generated t-shirt company where anyone can submit a t-shirt design.  It was founded by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart in 2000 as a platform for budding artists.  It’s a way for “regular Joe” artists to have their work created into products.  Once the design has been submitted, more than 1 million members cast their vote and help decide which designs should be printed.  They also have a place where anyone can submit a phrase or slogan to be printed on a t-shirt and you can win $500.  Submit your own slogan here!

Griffin Technology has become a leader in accessories for personal computing and digital media after it’s founding in 1992.

Clouds Within The Thunder Case

The Griffin + Threadless cases fit great on my iPhone 4.  It’s not a bumper case so it protects the back but doesn’t come up over the top so you don’t hit the case while using your phone.  It covers the antenna line so you won’t have dropped calls.  It’s made of a hard plastic so if you drop your phone, the case will get the brunt of the damage instead of the phone.  It fits nice and snug around the phone so no chances of it coming off unless you want the case to come off.  Perfect amount of space around the camera and flash so if you do drop it that is also protected.

All the designs are colorful and completely original.  You can even get a t-shirt to match!  And if you want to know anything about the artist, just look at the inside of the case!  Check out the cases here on Griffin’s website!

Watch the video to learn more about the Griffin and Threadless Partnership!