Grab One of Readdle’s Best for 60% Off

Readdle has been a prominent company when it comes to business and productivity applications for both the iPhone and the iPad. They’ve grown popular with their steady stream of useful, intuitive applications. For the latter device mentioned above, you can pick up a copy of one of their best utilities for over half off of its normal price. Remarks has been marked down from $4.99 to $1.99.

From the iTunes description regarding the application’s uses:

“Write down your thoughts, capture ideas and information, annotate documents and outline notes anywhere from university class to sofa at home.”

And that’s exactly what Remarks allows you to do: annotate pretty much anything that you need to which causes more constructive thinking as well. Whether you’ve got a PDF, a text file, a simple image of whatever it may be, Remarks treats it sort of like a .bmp or a simplified .psd in that you can do whatever you deem necessary with it. This includes being able to type out text by selecting the desired size and font as well as multiple pens that can be used to hand-write/draw anything.

Once you’ve created something the application allows you to easily share your files with others. There’s an email option, of course, as well as a way to collaborate with other individuals if they’re also using Remarks. An additional functionality is the inclusion that enables you to share your files back and forth with a Mac or PC.

As we’ve stated above, Remarks is currently on sale for 60% off of its normal $4.99 price, which brings it down to a satisfying cheap and affordable price of $1.99. It’s available for the iPad, and though we haven’t taken it through out review process, it’s reviewed exceptionally well. Make sure to pick it up if you’ve got the need.