GPush To Create Push Notifications For Your Gmail Inbox

Right now one of the biggest things MobileMe has going for it is push email, but if something like Gmail, a free, hugely popular email service, were to get push capabilities, it would be a big game changer. There’s an app in development that does the next best thing. It’s called GPush, and it sends you push notifications right from your Gmail inbox.

GPush uses Gmail’s IMAP IDLE feature to gather information from your inbox, and then sends you a push notification for every email you get. It’s not quite as good as getting the whole email pushed to you, as you still have to log in to your email app and refresh the inbox to actually get the email, but that’s not really what it’s for. It’s more for use as sort of a background companion to your mail client. It doesn’t even have anything other than a log-in screen, and after you enter your information, you never need to open it again.

Unfortunately, GPush hasn’t been approved by Apple yet, and apps as cool and clever as this one tend not to get very far. Still, the developer says there’s nothing really bad about it. “Apple should technically speaking approve the application, nothing went into the code that violated either Apple’s or Google’s Terms of Service.”

If accepted, you can expect to see it priced as $0.99.

[via TechCrunch]

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