GPS App Waze Provides Crowd Sourced Traffic Data for New Maps App

After the WWDC keynote on Monday, with all of the new and exciting features that were announced, we were left to wonder what was to become of applications on the App Store that any newly released Apple apps were competing with (new maps app, Passbook, etc.). Could they possibly face their eventual demise, due to people simply opting with Apple’s new standard solutions after succumbing to the laziness of not wanting to download third-party utilities? Or would they succeed?

In the case of free social GPS application Waze, we came to the conclusion that it would in fact succeed despite having the new free maps app as an obvious competitor. You see, it turns out that Apple requires Waze for some of its promised features – the one in particular? The hyped feature of traffic data crowd sourcing.

Apple will be using some data attained by Waze for use in its own maps application – hence the “crowd sourced” considering Waze is probably the number one option for free turn-by-turn navigation thanks to its wonderful social aspect.

To confirm it, Waze has definitely been mentioned in the iOS 6 Legal Notes as observed by TheNextWeb.

Other apps that are used as sources are Intermap, LeadDog, Increment, Getchee, Localeze, MDA Information, and Urban Mapping along with TomTom, which also helped Apple developers build the maps app.

Looks like Apple won’t in fact obliterate the competition like they’ve so often done (ahem ahem, Android).