Google Yanks Tetris Clones From Android Market

The ever-popular classic game Tetris has been at the center of legal battles since it was created by Alexey Pazhitnov in the USSR way back in 1984. Today, Google pulled all the “Tetris-type” games off the Android market in response to a DCMA notice from Tetris Company, LLC, the owners of the Tetris IP rights. However, “Tetris-type” seems to mean “A game with blocks” and apparently there are many games on the takedown notice that do not infringe on the “Tetris” trademark and only feature block-puzzle activities — a tenuous link to Tetris, at best. There don’t seem to be any DCMA takedown notices filed with any other game marketplaces (AppStore anyone?) and Android developers who have a “Tetris-type” game are understandably upset.

One such developer noted:

It’s a shame that The Tetris Company, LLC uses its power to stop developers from creating good and free games for Android users. Without resources for a legal fight, our application and many others will cease to exist, even knowing that they are legit. Users will be forced to buy the paid official version, which is worse than many of the one available for free on the market.

Google, a company known for its “Don’t Be Evil” business paradigm, seems to have taken the easy way out and simply complied with the takedown notice in whole. To some, this seems like a step in the wrong direction, and some Android app developers may rethink entering into this market if their apps could get pulled at any time.

…Sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?


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