Google Likes The iPhone

During Google’s earnings-related conference call earlier today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented on the iPhone and how it’s changing the mobile handset industry into one that uses search engines more heavily.

We are particularly interested in looking at the iPhone because the Web browsing experience is so good, and because of the optimization work we did,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s senior vice president for product management.

An analyst asked Mr. Schmidt for his view of the iPhone. He didn’t mention his position on Apple’s board. Rather, he said the phone — and others like it — will bring in more dollars for Google.

“The iPhone is the first of a whole generation of products that will be much more search intensive,” he said. “With those search opportunities comes ad monetization.”

Google’s co-president Sergey Brin also spread the iPhone love, talking about an experience he had with his iPhone.

“I was at a conference in Switzerland,” he said, presumably referring to the World Economic Forum conference in Davos. “I was able to find a really small hotel, then switch over to the satellite view on my phone to figure out I needed to take a funicular to get up there. It was a really amazing experience.”

[via New York Times]

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