Google+: iPad and iPod Touch Compatibility Added

An update was released for Google’s new social service, Google+’s native iPhone application that fixed a few thing and additionally added support for the iPad and iPod Touch, which were lacking the ability to use the app before.

The new social networking website launched just a few weeks ago, and despite its status of being in a beta phase, it is estimated to have picked up over 20 million users thus far; a big blow to Facebook, in other words. More on that…

With the new update, the support to run the application on the iPod Touch was added as well as an application solely for the iPad, meaning optimization were made to have the app utilize the iPad’s unique (no pun intended) features. This is the first time I’ve tried the application at all, and I do have to say that even though its rating has now dropped below that of Facebook’s iPhone and iPod Touch client it seems that it doesn’t have as many crashes and isn’t quite as bug-plagued that the latter service’s application has. Let us know what you think below, I’d really like to see how the service is for all of you, especially since we’re bound to see some improvement on both of the aforementioned services – that’s what competition does.

Complete update notes. What’s new in Google+ version
“- Huddle settings
- Aggregated circle add notifications
- iPod touch & iPad support
- Performance and stability improvements”

The Google+ application is available for free.