George Hotz – Hired by Facebook

George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot, the hacker famous for unlocking the iPhone was recently hired by Facebook. The entrance to the Facebook building in Palo Alto, CA has the words “Hack” in large letters. Which comes as no surprise as, Mark Zuckerberg, himself a hacker, has a fondness for hiring guys with skills just like George. Facebook is known for having regular Hackathons where the staff spends hours bringing their virtual ideas to reality. The term hacker often has a negative connotation, but in fact the term refers to experimenting with code and making it do something different or extraordinary.

George Hotz is best known for releasing software in 2008 to unlock the iPhone, allowing it to run under other cellular service providers. He later released software to jailbreak the iPhone as well. His jail breaking software programs such as blackra1n are definitely some of the most popular in the jail breaking community.

In late 2009, Hotz announced plans to hack the Sony PlayStation as it was said to be the only fully locked and secure system at the time. Only 5 weeks later he announce that he had in fact hacked the PlayStation that now allowed him to modify, run unauthorized applications and play pirated games. This hack, caused Hotz to be sued by Sony and the lawsuit was later settled out of court. But not before GeoHot was required to give up IP addresses of all those who has visited his site.

Facebook did confirm that 21 year old Hotz was hired but would not give details as to what his job title would be.