Geohot’s New Jailbreak May Work On The iPad

iPhone hacker, George Hotz, demoed an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone yesterday, which he believes will work on the iPad when it is released April 3. If you’re unfamiliar with Hotz, he was the first person to unlock the iPhone back in August 2007… when he was only 17 years old. Considering Hotz’s track record with hacking the iPhone OS, it is very possible this new jailbreak will indeed work on the iPad. The new jailbreak is supposed to be simple to use and will work on all current tethered models.

A device which requires a tethered jailbreak will not boot unless it’s connected to a computer running the jailbreak software. Without the software, the device will simply default to recovery mode when rebooted. Hotz’s newest jailbreak allows iPhones and iPod touches to boot freely, without needing to be tethered.

When the iPhone was initially introduced, the iPhone OS was still young and lacked several features users wanted. When updates to the OS were released, it caused problems for users who already hacked their phones, forcing them to decide between having the new features or remaining on a jailbroken phone. The iPad is being released with a more mature OS, so it is less likely there will be new features released as often, and likely to be less of a concern for users who jailbreak the device.

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