Freeverse Announces Warpack Grunts, Warp Gate, TrackZ, Flick Baseball and Thor

Earlier this week at the WWDC iPhone Launch Party, Freeverse announced several upcoming games they have been developing for the iPhone and iPod touch: Warpack Grunts, Warp Gate, TrackZ, Flick Baseball and Thor.

Warpack Grunts is a “squad-based shooter” game that puts you in control of a group of tiny soldiers. They start out equipped with machine guns, picking up better weapons as the game progresses.

A second video shows the vehicles in the game:

Warp Gate, the second game they got footage of, is still earlier in the development process and has a lot of remaining unfinished features. Allegedly it will include hundreds of ships and 30 different solar systems. The following video demonstrates controls, while the second shows a full overview of the game.

Thor, another game announced, puts you in the place of Thor, son of Odin and a young smith in search of “honor, glory and everlasting fame”. The game starts with the magical hammer called Mj√∂lnir falling out of Valhalla and into Thor’s hands. Thor is challenged with saving the world, and his father. More information about the game is available here.

Legion of Amon, another game announced, is described as “an action packed RPG with vast variety of weapons, enemies, traps, collectable items, settings and a great story which will keep you playing until the end.”

[via Touch Arcade]

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