Feline Friend Plays Fruit Ninja on the iPad

There’s really been nothing worthwhile to post about in the past few days (our fake excuse for being down for the better part of both yesterday and today), but it seems that another video involving our feline friends has gone viral on YouTube and it’s of significance. Well, to us anyways.

Our friends over at Halfbrick (creators of Jetpack Joyride, Age of Zombies, Fruit Ninja) tweeted the following video to their thousands of followers, which was posted on YouTube yesterday. Apparently, someone either trained their cat to play or their cat was simply captivated by Fruit Ninja’s juicy artwork and sound effects. Check it out below and be amazed:

Unfortunately there wasn’t much irony involved here; rather than the special Puss in Boots spinoff Halfbrick released just a few months ago in light of the screening of the related movie, the cat is playing the original version of the game.

My interest in the acclaimed fruit-slashing game slowly died away awhile back but watching the video makes me want to gain the satisfaction of being better at Fruit Ninja than a cat. How desperate am I?

After seeing that video I rushed downstairs in hopes of finding my cats who were lazing around in the sun (yeah, Georgia’s weather is weird like that; you can go outside in shorts and a t-shirt during Winter), and I persistently tried to get them to play. It seems that they were more interested in dreaming about whatever cats usually dream about rather than slicing animated fruit. Go figure! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯