FatDock, Wi-Tube Make Music Wireless, Shinier

If you like music and shiny things (who doesn’t?!) you’re sure to like this new toys from Fatman. They’re the Wi-Tube valve tube amplifier and FatDock docking station, and together they can stream music from your iPhone/Pod wirelessly from any other device that needs it. The FatDock also has a 3.5mm audio-in, just in case you invite one of your non-Apple friends for some tunes. Also, not only can it charge most iPod and iPhone models stuck into it, but it can also sync wirelessly.

The Wi-Tube amp has two RCA inputs and one 3.5mm in. The FatDock can output wirelessly or by RCA, USB, Video-out or S-Video-out, all of which can be controlled by the bundled remote.

You can get the pair for £399 in the UK starting in April, and in the US for $599 starting in late April/early May.


[via Gizmodo]


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