Fake SBSettings Jailbreak App for iOS is a Scam

Apple has yet to allow applications that directly modify iOS into the App Store, so those people who are in search of ways to personalize their devices resort to Cydia – the number one marketplace for the numerous amount of tweaks and handy additions that innovative developers are constantly churning out. This means, however, that users must jailbreak their devices which effectively voids the 1-year, standard warranty included with the purchase of an Apple device. Due to the inconvenience involved with the jailbreaking process as a whole, tweak developers are always searching for ways to bypass the Apple guidelines and get their modifications onto the App Store to appeal to a wider demographic of people.

SBSettings (status bar settings) is an extremely popular jailbreak application that allows users easy access to toggle on and off a multitude of common iOS features. These include network connectivity, bluetooth, and other similar settings. Unfortunately, the app can only be downloaded through Cydia by way of jailbreak.

Some developer, somewhere, decided that it would be smart to release an SBSettings alternative onto the App Store in attempt to milk the whole idea in return for loads and loads of cash. So that’s exactly what developer, Hien Dang did. Released yesterday, the $1.99 SBSettings app promises, based on its description, which was copied from the Cydia store, to function the same way as the jailbreak tweak. The full iTunes description:

First time on App Store – Introducing SBSettings!
Welcome to convenience! Move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly even while other apps are running.
Notification center integration ios5
Customizable drop down window
Show date and memory on statusbar
Many themes available
Many 3rd party widgets available.
You can swipe the statusbar to bring down the main window. You can configure in activator settings other methods of opening the SBSettings window. You can integrate into ios5 notification center using notifications in settings app. Customize it to your liking!

Even though official screenshots from Cydia have been used in iTunes, the app is simply an alarm clock. It has since been pulled from the App Store. How it could have possibly breached the App Store gates is beyond me.