From the company that brought interesting and fun games like Nanosaur to OS9 comes Enigmo, a 3D puzzle game with incredible physics and scintillating puzzles.

The basis of Enigmo is to redirect falling droplets of Water, Oil or Lava into their corresponding basins. Employing the least amount of materials that are supplied for you, 40 droplets must end up in all the basins in the least amount of time, and if you can get them in quickly enough, there are bonus points.

There is no penalty for being too slow, which is great. The main point is to perform the puzzle correctly, and users can take as much time as is necessary.

The puzzles obviously become progressively more difficult, but there are some real hurdles every once in a while. I noticed that once I passed level 13 the difficulty plateaus a bit, but there are plenty of levels and this game is heavy on the replay value.

If you’re looking for a great innovative puzzle game to purchase for iPhone, this is definitely one of your main choices to consider. Prepare for a simple game with complex solutions!

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