eMarketer Study Shows iPhone, Android Users Spend More Than Half Their Time in Apps

A recent study from eMarketer (which analyzed date from both comScore and Compete) found that given the data usage patterns of both iPhone and Android handset users, only 63% of Android users reported accessing e-mail on their phones within the last three months as opposed to 87% of iPhone users. Android users also fell behind the general smartphone average, whose users reported 70% e-mail penetration.

Both the iPhone and Android platforms ranked higher than average in terms of overall mobile media usage, coming in at 94% and 92% while other smartphone platforms came in at 80% for mobile media usage. Non-smartphone mobile media usage ranked in at a mere 26%.

Both the iPhone and Android platforms reported 80% and above for mobile news gathering and 83% and 82% with social networking proving to be the next most popular activity. The report ranking social networking usage at 58% for the iPhone nand 52% for the Android platform while instant messaging came in at 43% for the iPhone and 46% for the Android Platform, respectively.

The report concluded that iPhone and Android users spent greater time overall with applications as opposed to time spent in a web browser. When compared to the Palm, BlackBerry
and Windows Mobile platforms, 55% of iPhone users and 44% of
Android users spent the majority of their time in apps while only 22%
of the combined other three platforms said the same of their activities. 

[Via Mashable]


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