‘EDGE’ Returns To App Store As ‘EDGY’

Depite a large show of support from numerous indie developers, the game formerly known as EDGE has been re-released with a new name: EDGY [App Store, $4.99]. The app has been removed, brought back, removed, and brought back again, due to copyright infringement claims from the infamous Tim Langdell.

Still, despite the forced unnecessary name change, it remains one of the most addicting games in the App Store in our book, and it’s available again. Still, Apple’s willingness to remove apps from the App Store on such a weak claim of copyright is unsettling to developers.

“We find it quite shocking that regardless of any proper evidence to backup his claims, or successful legal action, Langdell has managed to get these games removed from the Appstore,” says Indivision’s Richard Hill-Whittall. “We are also concerned about Apple’s policy of removing games at the mere request of a third party – potentially destroying the livelihood of these independent game developers in the process.

“Further to this, Apple often do not even respond to the developers when asked to clarify why they have removed the games from the Appstore,” Hill-Whittall continues.

“We feel this policy is wrong, and horribly unfair to these developers, and it is time for Apple to come forward and explain their position clearly.”

[via Pocket Gamer]

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