Early Test Results Show Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer

Remember that myth about how using a cell phone can give you brain cancer? Well unfortunately for all of us, there might be a whole lot more truth to it than we would like. Preliminary testing by Israeli researchers with the company Interphone shows that cell phone users are a jaw-dropping 50% more likely to get a brain tumor than those who don’t use cellphones.

Other tests in the UK and Scandinavia show that that there is a 40% greater risk with people who have been using cellphones for 10 years. The only shred of good news they offer is that not many side effects have been found in people who use them for less than 10 years.

So far all other tests have been pretty useless in determining anything conclusive about side effects for cell phone use, so the final results of these tests are highly anticipated by… well, everyone that uses a cell phone.

Luckily for us, most of us don’t use our iPhones for talking.

[via PopSci]

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