Duracell’s Powermat Charging Case Prototype for iPhone 5

CNET editors spotted a prototype of Duracell Powermat’s upcoming iPhone 5 inductive charging case at Pepcom’s MobileFocus Global in Barcelona, Spain.

The case is so far very similar to the company’s previous offerings for the iPhone 4 and 4s. A spokesperson for Powermat says the case is thinner and as is evident from CNET’s photo, there are a couple of odd ports at the bottom to accommodate the iPhone 5′s new Lightning connector.

But the changes go beyond aesthetics. Powermat is also going to offer a 1,950mAh battery that snaps onto the back of the case, eliminating the need for the inductive Powermat.

The Case Without a Name

According to the CNET report, a company spokesperson called the case and battery combo a “snap and case,” but we think this sounds like a misunderstanding. At least we hope it was. For now, the case is officially unnamed, though the iPhone 4 and 4S versions both sport the uninspiring moniker “Wireless Case.” Here’s hoping Powermat’s New Year’s resolutions include a bigger branding budget.

Big Money for Small Company

In 2011, Powermat Technologies entered a joint venture with Proctor and Gamble to become Duracell Powermat. The merger included an equity investment that will give Powermat opportunities to expand their product line with inductive innovations. Other big-time investors in Powermat include hip-hop artist and ridiculously successful entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter whose deal includes a gig as the new Powermat celebrity spokesman.

We can’t help but wonder if the deal was at all influenced by the Jay-Z and his New iPhone 4 Caption Contest.

Other inductive charging solutions exist, including the Energizer Qi and BuQu Tech’s Magnetyze – though technically Magnetyze is a conductive charger, not inductive.

Powermat’s case is slated for release this Spring and will run $99 for the case and the snap-on battery, or $49 for just the case itself.

[via: CNET]

Written by Brendan McCrain, edited by Michael DeLisi