DOOM Resurrection

Doom Resurrection is based on id Software’s popular first person shooter Doom 3.  You are a marine stationed on a martian base when a portal to hell is accidentally opened and demons and zombies invade the base, leaving you and a handful of people as the lone survivors. The functions like a normal first person shooter, only on rails. Your character moves on a set path while you dispatch enemies and collect items.  When you see an item on the screen such as ammo or health, you just tap it to acquire. There are boxes you can shoot too, sometimes revealing secret items.  One would think that no control over your character would severely limit gameplay, but those of you who played Doom 3 would know that there was only one real set path you could travel in.

The graphics are great, this is one of the better looking iPhone games.  They are crisp and polished, and the textures and enemies are very detailed.  The ambient lighting is nice too, and there is an “Overbright” setting in the options menu which I imagine would be useful when playing in the daytime and the shadows are obscuring gameplay.

The controls are fairly easy, and the developers made good use of the iPhone’s accelerometer. You tilt your iPhone to aim, and tap the icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen to shoot.  The icon on the left side of the screen functions as the action button, alternating between dogging fireballs and ducking for cover, whenever applicable. Sometimes, enemies will get too close to you and grab you. To get them off, you have to shake the screen. The motion controls are calibrated when you start the game, but there is an option to re-calibrate in the menu. There are three different cursor speeds, which is acceptable, but in my humble opinion a sensitivity slider would have been a wiser choice. There is also a control swap option for lefties. 

iD Software threw in a handful of extra features to play if you get bored of the main game.  There are some more intense, shooting based bonus maps, and each stage of the story mode can be re-played in Free Play mode. There are also a set of special achievements you can unlock for each level, such as getting through a level with all your health intact.

Doom Resurrection is a well-developed, polished game.  It is very fun to play and is great for short playing sessions on the bus or train, like iPhone games should be.  My only real complaint with the game is the price, $6.99 seems a little steep.  Other than that, if you are a fan of Doom or first person shooters in general, I recommend you pick this up.


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