Doodle Jump Multiplayer Update Coming Out Real Soon!

Doodle Jump has always been a favorite of mine and of many. Being one of the App Store’s top sellers, it has received praise over the long period of time that it has been seen on the store. Along that time, the game also received updates periodically which added new themes and features each time. Well, it turns out that the best of updates will be seen very very soon!

If you’ve been a follower of LimaSky on twitter and check your news feed daily, then you’ve probably already seen the recent post that they tweeted yesterday. It reads:

Testing Doodle Jump Game Center multiplayer racing. It is totally SICK! Get ready for some serious realtime competition against your friends

Now that tweet, which can be found here, really got me excited when I first saw it. I mean, now that I’ve gotten the iPod Tocuh 4G I am excited to be using GameCenter. (which is what the game will be using)

So, this isn’t any official news on an update, but just simply a reminder to watch out for the update and download it as soon as possible!