‘Documents To Go’ Demoed At MWC 2009

DataViz demoed a an early pre-release version of their MS Office document viewing and editing app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Documents To Go. They showed off text editing on the device, as well as their own intuitive implementation of in-app copy and paste and plans for a desktop client.

The word processing portion of the app will revolve mostly around a menu bar at the bottom of the window containing editing options.

DataViz did mention some areas where things weren’t going to be as smooth as they had hoped. For example, Apple won’t let them touch the mail client, so email attachments won’t be very good. They also doubted that they would have spreadsheet editing support ready in time for the app’s debut, but said Word documents, spreadsheets and PDF documents would all be viewable.

They also revealed plans for a desktop client that would let you sync documents back and forth from iPhone to computer, bypassing Apple’s “sandbox” on the device.

The coolest thing about the app was their implementation of in-app copy and paste, which consists of three simple methods of selection:

  • Double tap a word to select it.
  • Triple tap a paragraph to select it.
  • In magnify view, you can hold down your finger with the cursor in the same spot until the magnifying glass “pulses,” which will then let you select character by character.

They hope to have their entire suit (minus spreadsheet editing) ready by some time in Q2 of 2009.

[via The iPhone Blog]

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