Dev-Team Member Confirms 2.2.1 Breaks Unlock, Jailbreaking Unharmed

MuscleNerd has confirmed over Twitter that, as they suspected, 2.2.1 does in fact break the “injection hole” that project yellowsn0w uses to modify the firmware to unlock the device for use on any carrier. He posted a video explaining the situation on Qik.

From his Twitter feed:

for *jailbreak* purposes 2.2.1 is fine for all including ipt2g. But it BREAKS the yellowsn0w soft *unlock* for iPhone 3G

it’s not surprising that they fixed injection hole for yellowsn0w, it is surprising to see a “silent” update

the iPhone 2G baseband is untouched .. I *think* they’ve stopped all development of it :) last update for it was 8 months ago

While we don’t think Apple released the update just to break the Dev Team’s latest unlock, we suspect that it was probably their main incentive, as most of the changes they list seem to be very minor ones.

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