Cyber Circuit Now Free With In-App Purchases

Yet another game has ditched the once-standard $0.99 price to switch to a model of a free app with paid in-app purchases for revenue. This time it’s Cyber Circuit [App Store, Free] from Complex Games, a shooter claiming to be inspired by the multi-level concept of Dante’s Inferno. Instead of paying $0.99 for the entire app, you can now get the first six levels of the game for free, with the option to pay another $1.99 later on to get the other 24 levels. Video after the break.

The levels take place in a 2-dimensional digital world filled with similarly-sized “enemies”  that float around. Your goal is to control your ship with virtual on-screen D-pad on the left to avoid bumping into them while eliminating them with your weapons by tapping the virtual fire button on the right.



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