Available For 2.0 Software In Cydia

Customize 2.0, the popular application for modifying the appearance of your iPhone with custom themes and file sets, has just been released for the new iPhone 2.0 software. Now users can have access to the thousands of themes and graphic customizations that they can use to mod their iPhone or iPhone 3G. It also comes with a theme browser that lets you preview the available themes before downloading and applying them.

The developers note that it is still a little bit buggy in the About page and comments, but that it should be largely functional. The new app is available through Cydia (eventually Installer 4 also), or you can download it directly here. Jailbreak required.

Note: If you are still running the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware or 1.1.5 firmware, do not update to Customize v2.0. The new version does not work on the old software.

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