Could New Technology Fix iPhone’s Screen Glitches?

It was back in November that developers at CMA Megacorp tweeted news concerning a possible bug in the iPhone 5′s touch screen interface. “Slide finger back and forth diagonally on screen, [and] input events drop out or stop altogether,” the tweet advised.

On the heels of that claim come rumors, via The China Times, that Apple will turn to “alternative¬†touch¬†technology” in future iPhone releases.

Allegedly called “Touch on Display,” the purported new technology will result in a screen that is 0.5mm thick, and that is infinitely more sensitive than current screens. Touch on Display, in theory, appears to be a responsive and result-producing technology, and if the rumors are true, it could result in a more exciting iPhone experience.

The problem concerning the screen affects only the iPhone 5, but does not appear to affect all units, suggesting a possible problem somewhere along the way in the production chain.

Furthermore, the problem appears to be– pardon the pun– touch and go, only surfacing in certain situations, never rising to the level of preventing the use and enjoyment of one’s iPhone 5.

Though the problem may not be present in what is– for the moment– the most recent iPhone model, the problem does exist, as shown by a video posted on YouTube by consumer site Recombu.

As is typical with any rumor surrounding its products, Apple has not publicly acknowledged the claims, so it’s not possible at this time to know whether the rumors about the manner in which the problem will be addressed, which apparently came to light because of leaks, are true.

[via: Forbes]

Image Source: Apple Support