Clever New Product, Say Hello to the Macro Lens Band from Photojojo

If you’re an avid photographer, and like to explore your hobby using a mobile phone, then you’ve probably received your share of swag and other camera-related trinkets/gadgets from Photojojo. The online website is your one-stop shop for mobile phone camera related gear. More specifically, they sell the Macro Cell Lens Band, an [not so] ordinary wristband that conceals a hidden lens capable of snapping (see what I did there?) shockingly clear macro photos of close-up, complex objects.

Being called a geek throughout your highschool years was probably worth it considering all of the cool technological things that us so-called “geeks” get our hands on. Though it’s not too intricate, the Macro Cell Lens band is supposedly a thrill to use, and certainly looks as if it would be a useful gadget.

Fitting around your arm, it looks like any ordinary, rubber wristband. Mix it in with a few others of the same breed, and no one can tell the difference. But what it does do is attach onto your phone, in the same way that it stays hooked to your arm, and enables you to take macro photos using your phone’s camera; in our case, the iPhone’s camera.

The hidden, incorporated lens shoots stunning photos that your camera wouldn’t usually be able to do, and the power would be in your hands to do so (pun intended). According to the item’s description, it can capture the pure details of anything that you’d normally not be able to see, and the media/general public have received the product very well.

Now, even though I wouldn’t call myself an amazing photographer, I’m still very eager to check out the band from Photojojo. I never knew that an iPhone accessory could come so simple, but here it is, and it looks pretty cool. If you want to check out the Macro Cell Lens Band too, you can by simply navigating to this link and purchasing the item. Unfortunately, it received so much attention that it’s out of stock, and additionally it costs $15, which may seem a bit daunting, however, the product may be worth the investment dependent on its potential.

Check out some more photos:

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